Snake TAG Meeting Pictures

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Attendees   Snake Tag Attendees
Attendeess  Snake Tag Attendees 
Attendees take discussions seriously  Attendees Take Discussions Seriously 
Shelly Grow from AZA Provides Guidance  Shelly Grow from AZA Provides Guidance 
Indigos are us   Fred Antonio discusses eastern indigo conservation efforts
Eastern Massasauga Presentaion   Dan Boehm provides and update on eastern Massasauga conservation efforts through the SSP
Lousiana Pine Snake   Steve Reichling presents information on the Louisiana pine snake conservation efforts
Aruba sland rattlesnake SSP  Andy Odum provides an update on the Aruba Island rattlesnake SSP and field conservation
Land Snakes Alive  Dino Ferri presents Jacksonville Zoo's on-grounds snake program
Attendees are studious about presentations  Attendees studiously take notes on presentations
Feeding behavior of Erpeton   Kenneth Cantania presents his work on Erpeton feeding behavior
Leipzig   Fabian Schmidt presents on the reptile and amphibian programs at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany
Fort Worth Zoo MOLA  Fort Worth Zoo's new MOLA is visited by TAG delegates
King Cobra Exhibit  King Cobra exhibit at MOLA